Week 33: Month 7: WordPress Plugins to Grow Your Email Subscribers by Ian Cleary

#3: Just Say “Thank You” With Comment Redirect

Getting people to comment on your blog is difficult. When you get a relevant comment, you have an engaged reader whom you don’t want to lose. So you want tonurture your relationship with the people who take the time to comment on your blog.

By using Comment Redirect, you can direct first-time commenters to another pageon your website where you then try to convert them.

For example, you could redirect commenters to a page where you thank them for commenting and convince them to subscribe for further updates.

I left my first comment on a blog recently and I was impressed by a nice thank-you page displayed right after entering the comment—another opportunity to sign me up as a user.

comment redirect sampleThe smallest of gestures can make a difference, plus you get the chance to give readers a reason to subscribe.

Comment Redirect is unbelievably easy to set up. Creating the actual page you want people redirected to will take time and effort.

To set up the redirect, just specify the page where you want to redirect first-time commenters, and that’s it.

Currently the “thank-you page” that first-time commenters get redirected to converts at 6.6% but it has been as high as 12%, depending on where the new commenters are coming from. Again, it’s really important to focus on the right traffic sources and not just the right landing pages for converting visitors into subscribers.—Ramsay Taplin, BlogTyrant

Ramsay gets over the problem of the plugin not having analytics by using AWeber E-mail Marketing to track where subscribers are coming from.

Another way to measure subscribers through your thank-you page is to set up Goals within Google Analytics.

When someone clicks on the Sign Up button, you can display a page that welcomes the new subscriber. This page is only displayed if somebody subscribes, so your goal is achieved every time a subscriber gets to this page.

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Week 32: Month 7: WordPress Plugins to Grow Your Email Subscribers by Ian Cleary

#2: Use Hellobar to Grab Your Audience’s Attention

When you want to attract your visitors’ attention on your blog, at times you need to do something different.

Hellobar is a narrow bar that appears across the top of your website with a message that encourages people to click on it. This is a less intrusive way of grabbing your users’ attention. By using eye-catching colors, you can make it stand out.

For example, John Haydon uses Hellobar on his blog to get people to sign up for his webinar. He opted to use a button as the link style, which compels you to click it. The fact it is placed on a bright-red background helps it stand out.

hellobar sample john haydonUse Hellobar to attract attention and encourage interaction.

Here’s another example from the New York Times bestselling author Ramit Sethi. Hellobar indicates that you can get your biggest career questions answered. Who doesn’t want that! Since it’s a bright strip of orange just above a green background, it contrasts nicely, making it stand out on the page.

hellobar sample ramit sethiGive users a compelling reason to click.

After clicking on this link, you’re brought to an opt-in form. If you subscribe, you find out the answers to your big career questions! Check out Gravity Forms later (#6 below), which shows you how to easily build a form similar to this.

hellobar landing page ramit sethiDon’t waste a click; take the opportunity to get them to sign up.

Setting up Hellobar is very straightforward.

First you configure the text that appears within Hellobar, how Hellobar looks and where it takes readers to after it is clicked via your account on the Hellobar website. You then copy and paste the embed code into the Hellobar plugin in WordPress and that’s it. Simple but effective.

hellobar configurationMaking the link appear as a button can make it more compelling for people to click.via socialmediaexaminer.com

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Week 31: Month 7: WordPress Plugins to Grow Your Email Subscribers by Ian Cleary

7 WordPress Plugins to Grow Your Email Subscribers

Published August 9, 2012 Printer-Friendly

social media toolsAre you looking for more email subscribers?

The best way to gain email subscribers is todeliver great content via your blog.

Here are seven great WordPress plugins to grow your email subscribers and let you focuson delivering great content.

#1: Pippity Customized Popups

Popup boxes that appear when readers are browsing a website can get you more email subscriptions when they are used correctly.

But they can also annoy users, so they need to be handled with care and tweaked for your audience.

Pippity allows you to do this. Pippity provides you with the configuration options necessary to ensure that popups are delivered in the most unobtrusive and beneficial way to your users.

pippityPippity sets a new bar by delivering beautiful popups in a way that’s more in tune with your readers and gives you useful analytics that show the true effect your opt-ins are having.

The key to using these popups is to make sure they’re relevant to the user. You also need to make sure they don’t appear every time someone goes to your website or before visitors get a chance to read your blog post.

Pippity gives you great control over how the popup looks, when it appears and what it displays. It can be very effective for growing email subscribers.

A good way to use Pippity is to display a popup that is particularly relevant to visitors from a specific site.

Let’s say you have a link from this post to your website. When someone follows the link, you could display a popup that is relevant to Social Media Examiner users.

You could also configure the popup only to appear once and only when the user has reached the end of the post.

pippity configurationPippity gives you extensive control over how, where and when your popups appear, enabling you to target specific users.

This design is just one of Pippity’s standard popup boxes and it took me only a minute to set up. You can easily change every color and font to tweak the design to match your site.

pippity sample popupStart with one of the standard designs and then add images, text and change the fonts and colors until you have a layout and design to match your site.

These are just some of the ways in which you can configure your popup.

Pippity’s settings and power filters give you many ways to tailor when and how your popups appear; such as only displaying it for a specific post or any post in a particular category.

You can also do split-testing and display different popups to different users todetermine which one has the best conversion rate.

Pippity gives you great control over the use of your popups and, when used strategically, it can be very beneficial. Just remember, give your visitors some time on the site before displaying the popup and make sure it’s relevant to them.

via socialmediaexaminer.com

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Week 30: Month 6: Feedback, Segmentation, Contests and Link Bait by Oli Gardner #noobmarketing


Now that you’ve got your feet wet with PPC, you might be a natural and are acquiring customers at an acceptable price. But if you find that the click through rate of your ads isn’t as high as you’d like (everyone would like a higher click through rate right?), then it’s worth considering bringing in some ad experts. Tradais a PPC marketplace where a crowd of experts can help you with your campaigns and the folks atBoostCTR “Guarantee better text ads or your money back!” So you’ve basically got nothing to lose and a lot to gain. Give it a try.

Woohoo, you made it to the end. Congratulations and thanks for taking 3 hours to read all this! Also, apologies to your boss if it means you are now going to deliver your project late. Of course, if it’s marketing related then you can write it off as research and you’ll be prepared to do bigger and better things next time.

I hope you learned a lot from this course and that you can use it as a resource as you start or continue your journey from online marketing noob to internet marketing expert.

Remember to give a shout out on Twitter (using the hashtag #noobmarketing) and share this with your friends and colleagues.

I know this was a really long post, but my hope is that it will help people:

  1. By teaching them a few tricks, techniques and methods they didn’t already know
  2. See the daunting task of multi-disciplinary marketing as less scary
  3. Gain a couple of advanced insider secrets that only usually come about through experience

If you have ANY questions about any step in the course, have at ‘er in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer.

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Week 29: Month 6: Feedback, Segmentation, Contests and Link Bait by Oli Gardner #noobmarketing


Infographics are exactly like they sound, graphics with information on them. Often presented in the form of stats, but really they can be any self contained unit of visual content. An obvious example is the one at the top of this blog post – although they’re not generally as gigantic as that.

Infographics have the benefit of being very popular and very sharable. People also bookmark them for reference, and people like to write about them and collect them into “roundup” posts making them excellent link bait.

Some examples of marketing infographics

How to encourage sharing and gain inbound traffic from your infographics
Follow these simple tips to ensure your infographics attain maximum exposure:

  1. Use social sharing buttons (retweet etc.) on the page that holds the infographic
  2. When someone clicks your infographic to see it full size, remember to repeat the social sharing buttons.
  3. Provide an embed code, so that people know they can take it and use it on your own site (don’t be afraid of this – encourage it). The embed code also makes this very easy. Cut and paste.

Flowtown is great at this.
Designing an infographic
This is the hardest part. They can be very time consuming to do right and they need to communicate a strong and useful/entertaining concept. If you don’t have the design skills you can get a company likeColumn Five Media to design one for you.

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Week 28: Month 6: Feedback, Segmentation, Contests and Link Bait by Oli Gardner #noobmarketing


There are many ways to input ideas and theory into your optimization efforts: analytics, expert review, experience, and of course a couple of pinches of conjecture for good measure. What’s missing from this list? User feedback.
User feedback at the point of conversion
Why aren’t people converting? Why not just ask them? You can embed some simple feedback widgets on your page to do exactly that. There are two main types: survey tools that pop a little question up from the bottom corner of the screen, and live chat which lets you engage in a conversation. Both can provide insight into points of confusion that you hadn’t thought of.

Conversion is all about reducing friction and barriers to entry, and every little improvement you make can make the experience better for the next visitor. As shown in the diagram, you can use the feedback to create an alternate version of your page for an A/B test.

NOOB TIP: Talk to your visitors
Add a survey widget (OlarkKISSinsights) or a live chat widget (SnapEngage) to your site or landing page and get some feedback. Then turn it off, build a new page that incorporates the feedback and run an A/B test.


Most marketers use many sources of inbound traffic – especially if you’re super smart and are reading a post like this 🙂 However, if you send your PPC, banner, social media, email and organic search all to the same place it can create the following issues:

  • Harder to measure: you need to get pretty fancy with your analytics to understand how each source is performing
  • Harder to test: you can’t optimize your page for one channel without affecting the others (which is a killer if your changes boost your email conversion rate but negatively impact your SEO ranking and PPC quality score)

The graphic below shows how using a separate landing page for each source of traffic allows you to tailor the content and message while simplifying testing and measurement.

The results from a segmented approach to marketing can help you decide which channels don’t work(and should be canned) or how much you should budget for each channel to maintain an appropriate ROI.

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Week 27: Month 6: Feedback, Segmentation, Contests and Link Bait by Oli Gardner #noobmarketing

In our final month we get to some more advanced marketing techniques. We’ll learn how to be plugged into live conversations about your brand and business segment, how to utilize social contest rules for viral potential and how to get feedback from your customers right at the critical point of conversion. We’ll end things by segmenting every inbound marketing channel for improved measurement and optimization opportunities and learn about the power of infographics as a way to gather links.


What are the most important keywords that would spark a conversation about your business’s core purpose? These will often be very close to the keywords you choose for your organic search and PPC campaign strategies. Pick a few of these, plus your own brand name and open a new browser tab for each. Then do a search for that term in Twitter and just leave the search results open in that tab.

This allows you to be “always on” and catch the conversation in real-time as it happens. You’ll see that the tab title will be prepended with a count of new messages like this: “(x) Your term” as shown above. As soon as you see a conversation or comment occur, you can jump in and engage with people that are actively talking about you or your area of subject matter expertise.

NOOB TIP: Make it easy – Bookmark your favourite Twitter searches and add them to your browser toolbar for easy access.


Contests are a simple way to gain some exposure for your brand. It’s essential to offer up a prize considered valuable by your demographic, whether it’s based on your product or service (a free year for instance) or a “toy” that your customers would like (an iPad etc.)

The viral nature of a contest is in part to do with the value of the prize, but also the manner in which you facilitate and enforce the sharing of your contest page.

A clever way to encourage sharing, is to make it part of the entry process for the contest. Examples include:

  • Twitter “Tweet This” Box: Now as part of the contest entry, people can retweet your message and a link back to the contest page – and do it without leaving your contest page, driving more traffic to your contest and greatly extending your reach. This widget requires that you set up aTwitter @Anywhere app.

  • Facebook Like Box: This allows you to acquire new fans for your Facebook page. It also helps to build your social proof by showing your fan count and optionally some photos of your fans. You can customize this widget and grab the embeddable code for it from the Facebook share section.

For an example page, you can see a contest landing page I created last year.

via www.seomoz.org

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