Reinvent Yourself Much?

Reinvent Yourself Much?  I do, and I can show you how to combine and rebrand all your social media pages in less than 1 week!  Not only that, but I’m creating this new series of blog posts so you can join me in creating YOUR OWN Success In Any Setting.

As a loyal follower you will have noticed the changes in my social media pages over the years.  I say “pages” because I have at least 5 different major interests that pull at my spare time, and depending on where my heart is pulling me is where I focus.


There’s a lot of maintenance to all these separate web pages and it’s a big hassle to sign in and out of each one.

The great news is…I’ve finally jumped on the make your name your brand bandwagon and am consolidating all my interests into one convenient website and brand.  I did it in just a few days and You Can Too!


  • I used the Dawning Day platforms I had already spent a lot of time and effort creating in the past, including:  Weebly, YouTube, WordPress, FaceBook, Twitter, Google+
  • I let go of any TRIAL pages that I’m not very interested in spending time on, or haven’t had time to learn how to use properly (that just means I didn’t change to the new branding, they still exist and can grow followers organically while I focus on other things…I can always convert them to the new brand later if it looks promising)
  • I re-evaluated my interests and focus (now vs. when I had created the various sites) to determine if they were still important to my moving-forward goals and vision…and I found an unexpected BONUS…there was some incredible information in my past posts that can help me today (such as the outstanding 37 week series I shared from Social Media Tools Specialist, Ian Cleary, on marketing and growing your list)!
  • While I was reviewing all the web and social media sites mentioned above, and doing my soul searching, I went on and looked for 1+ and 2+ rated service providers.  For just a few dollars, I had a new banner image created that captured the true essence of what all my products and services embody.

In case you wondering…the answer is “YES!”  I could have done the newly branded banners myself, but then the Reinvent would have taken 2 weeks.  It’s always good to leverage your time and resources wherever safe and possible.

Now that I’ve shared all my Delicious Details with you, click on the link below to head on over and check out the new site…and make sure to find the free


Dawn Armstrong:  Success In Any Setting!


About Dawning Day Events

Calling All Visionaries, Artists, Entrepreneurs: Start this week off on a new note! If you are not tech savvy and want to learn how to: *Create an amazing online presence, let the world know about it, and allow your customer list to grow itself *Grow your business and improve your life easily, authentically, organically... You've Come To The Right Place! Success in Any Setting provides the information and tools you need to improve your web present, and ALSO helps clients find and focus on their individual Gifts through a unique and simple 3 step approach: 1) Remember Your Purpose 2) Imagine Your Life 3) Take Joyful Action If You Are: *seeking a better life *stuck in a rut *at a decisional crossroads *grieving or feeling isolated *in emotional, physical, or spiritual turmoil *lacking focus *look for a way to turn it all around for the better... HOPE IS HERE
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