Week 27: Month 6: Feedback, Segmentation, Contests and Link Bait by Oli Gardner #noobmarketing

In our final month we get to some more advanced marketing techniques. We’ll learn how to be plugged into live conversations about your brand and business segment, how to utilize social contest rules for viral potential and how to get feedback from your customers right at the critical point of conversion. We’ll end things by segmenting every inbound marketing channel for improved measurement and optimization opportunities and learn about the power of infographics as a way to gather links.


What are the most important keywords that would spark a conversation about your business’s core purpose? These will often be very close to the keywords you choose for your organic search and PPC campaign strategies. Pick a few of these, plus your own brand name and open a new browser tab for each. Then do a search for that term in Twitter and just leave the search results open in that tab.

This allows you to be “always on” and catch the conversation in real-time as it happens. You’ll see that the tab title will be prepended with a count of new messages like this: “(x) Your term” as shown above. As soon as you see a conversation or comment occur, you can jump in and engage with people that are actively talking about you or your area of subject matter expertise.

NOOB TIP: Make it easy – Bookmark your favourite Twitter searches and add them to your browser toolbar for easy access.


Contests are a simple way to gain some exposure for your brand. It’s essential to offer up a prize considered valuable by your demographic, whether it’s based on your product or service (a free year for instance) or a “toy” that your customers would like (an iPad etc.)

The viral nature of a contest is in part to do with the value of the prize, but also the manner in which you facilitate and enforce the sharing of your contest page.

A clever way to encourage sharing, is to make it part of the entry process for the contest. Examples include:

  • Twitter “Tweet This” Box: Now as part of the contest entry, people can retweet your message and a link back to the contest page – and do it without leaving your contest page, driving more traffic to your contest and greatly extending your reach. This widget requires that you set up aTwitter @Anywhere app.

  • Facebook Like Box: This allows you to acquire new fans for your Facebook page. It also helps to build your social proof by showing your fan count and optionally some photos of your fans. You can customize this widget and grab the embeddable code for it from the Facebook share section.

For an example page, you can see a contest landing page I created last year.

via www.seomoz.org


About Dawning Day Events

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