Week 22: Month 5: Network, Build Inbound Links and Start Testing by Oli Gardner #noobmarketing

In month 5 we switch our social efforts to professional network LinkedIn. We’ll look at ways to make the dull task of link building a little more organic and painless. Big this month is the introduction of A/B testing; we’ll use this to make your emails more effective and bring landing pages in to improve virtually every other aspect of your promotion specific marketing. Finally, we’ll learn how to gain buzz and industry exposure by writing about others.


LinkedIn is a massive social network based entirely on business professionals. There are several techniques you can use to extend your reach, including:

Join groups on LinkedIn
LinkedIn requires that you have a mutually agreed upon connection with someone before you can message them directly. You can ask your own connections to try to connect you with others if they know them, or you can become a member of the same groups. Once you join a group in LinkedIn you have a direct communication pathway to EVERY member of that group. Now you can network freely. Just remember not to spam people.

Ask questions on LinkedIn
By asking questions, you can gain access to a large network of people, build your network and associate your brand with a certain type of content. Access the Answers section as shown below to begin. You are allowed to ask 10 questions per month on the free account and can target your question at specific job categories.

Start a group on LinkedIn
If you have the time to build your own group – find a niche relevant to your product or service and start a group of interested parties. By managing the group (and keeping it alive with interaction) you can attain some credibility in the space. This is like having a Facebook fan page based entirely inside a business network.

NOOB TIP: Just like an empty Facebook fan page or an empty restaurant, an inactive group is lame. Check out this two part article on creating and managing a LinkedIn group: part 1 – part 2.

via www.seomoz.org


About Dawning Day Events

Calling All Visionaries, Artists, Entrepreneurs: Start this week off on a new note! If you are not tech savvy and want to learn how to: *Create an amazing online presence, let the world know about it, and allow your customer list to grow itself *Grow your business and improve your life easily, authentically, organically... You've Come To The Right Place! Success in Any Setting provides the information and tools you need to improve your web present, and ALSO helps clients find and focus on their individual Gifts through a unique and simple 3 step approach: 1) Remember Your Purpose 2) Imagine Your Life 3) Take Joyful Action If You Are: *seeking a better life *stuck in a rut *at a decisional crossroads *grieving or feeling isolated *in emotional, physical, or spiritual turmoil *lacking focus *look for a way to turn it all around for the better... HOPE IS HERE
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