Week 18: Month 4: Acquire, Measure, Rate and Attract by Oli Gardner #noobmarketing

In month 4 we shift focus away from Twitter to develop a presence on Facebook that’s designed to convert visitors into fans. We’ll use landing pages to gather new business leads in exchange for your knowledge (including the eBook you wrote in month 3). We’ll use analytics and a scorecard to identify and improve the weakest parts of your website.

We’ll explore free and paid traffic by learning some advanced PPC techniques and starting to write guest posts on sites that can send you targeted customers.


As mentioned above, you need to have a fan page before you can claim your brand name on Facebook. To get started, create your fan page. The single conversion goal of your fan page is to get people to “Like” you (become a fan). In order to do this you want to do two things:

  • Design a landing page to convince people that following you is a good idea and make it very clear how to do it (click that like button above etc.)
  • Push non-fans to this landing page when they first arrive

Designing your Facebook landing page
It’s simplest to design a single image that is 520px wide to fit the dimensions of Facebook (you can get much fancier and interactive, but to get started, it’s easier to use an image). Below is an example of thedefault Unbounce Facebook page – it’s just a simple suggestion to click the Like button along with a few reasons why:

You can see from the Red Bull example below that they are doing the same thing:

Creating the tab for your Facebook landing page
Now that you’ve designed your landing page, you need a new tab in the Facebook navigation to contain it. Read this post to learn how to add a new tab using the FBML box app. Then follow these steps:

  • Click “Edit Page” on the left-hand side of your Facebook page (below your profile photo)
  • Click “Apps” from the new left-hand menu
  • Click “Go to App” beneath the FBML app – in this case it’s called Welcome – FBML because my tab is named Welcome (you choose the name in the next step).

  • Choose a name for your tab, and paste some HTML to show the image (note that you’ll have to upload the image you designed above to your server somewhere)

How to send non-fans to your Facebook landing page tab
To increase conversions, you want non-fans to see the lovely new conversion focused landing page you designed in the last step. To do this you need to set up the options so that non-fans are sent to the landing page tab you just created (above) – rather than the main Wall tab.

Click the “Options” link below the navigation as shown below:

Then click “Settings” and change the “Default Landing Tab for Everyone Else” to be the tab you created in the last step. In the example below, I chose “Welcome” for the Unbounce account.

Setting up a vanity URL for your fan page
You’ll also want your page to have a nicely branded URL (what’s called a vanity URL), such as Facebook.com/pepsi. To do this you first need to establish a fan base of at least 25 fans (which we’ll discuss in the “Seed some Facebook fans” section later on. Then visithttp://www.facebook.com/username/ to choose your vanity URL.

NOOB INSIGHT: In the realm of conversion centered design it’s not rude to point. So be brutal in your intent and SHOW & TELL people what you want them to do on every page that matters.


A Facebook page with no activity doesn’t send a very good signal to the people you are hoping to engage. You can ensure a consistent stream of social content flowing through your news feed by connecting your blog to your Facebook account. A good way to do this is to use the Networked Blogs Facebook app. Add their app to your Facebook page by clicking the “Add to my page” link (shown in the image) and following the instructions.

Now whenever you create a new post on your blog, a link to it will automatically appear on your Facebook wall. Aside from making it look busier, it’s also an extra way that people will be exposed to your content on a regular basis.


You should try to get an initial base of fans on your page for a couple of reasons:

  1. Establish some social proof (so that it’s not the equivalent of an empty restaurant)
  2. As mentioned earlier, you can’t get a vanity URL for your fan page until you have 25 fans (this is their way of preventing brand squatting without any fans or community interaction).

To do this, take advantage of your existing networks: invite your friends, family and anyone you have on your existing personal Facebook account. Get the rest of your company to do the same and you’ll hit this threshold really quickly. As soon as you have 25 fans – visit http://www.facebook.com/username/ to set up your vanity URL.

via www.seomoz.org


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Calling All Visionaries, Artists, Entrepreneurs: Start this week off on a new note! If you are not tech savvy and want to learn how to: *Create an amazing online presence, let the world know about it, and allow your customer list to grow itself *Grow your business and improve your life easily, authentically, organically... You've Come To The Right Place! Success in Any Setting provides the information and tools you need to improve your web present, and ALSO helps clients find and focus on their individual Gifts through a unique and simple 3 step approach: 1) Remember Your Purpose 2) Imagine Your Life 3) Take Joyful Action If You Are: *seeking a better life *stuck in a rut *at a decisional crossroads *grieving or feeling isolated *in emotional, physical, or spiritual turmoil *lacking focus *look for a way to turn it all around for the better... HOPE IS HERE
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