Week 15: Month 3: An Optimized Approach to Marketing by Oli Gardner #noobmarketing


This is a fundamental concept of landing pages – each page should be laser focused on a single objective. It helps your visitors to complete your intended goal, helps you to measure it more easily (only one conversion action) and keeps your optimization activities on track. It stands to reason that if you are introducing multiple products on your page, or if there are 50 links on the page, that some of your visitors will stray from your intended goal and do other things. They might also be unable to find the thing you’re hoping they’ll find.

A landing page that is dedicated to one story/promotion/offer/product, has one goal and one call to action, is going to convert your advertising traffic more effectively that most homepages that are designed with multiple users, goals, and traffic sources in mind.

TRY THIS: Check your landing pages
If you are doing any advertising (banners, PPC, email, social media) – look at where you’re sending this traffic. If it’s your homepage, count the interaction points and links and think about how you could reduce this by using a landing page. If you already have a landing page, read the content out loud. Does it tell a cohesive story about one and only one topic or does it wander.

NOOB INSIGHT: Your customers can’t handle more than one message at a time. Read this post onfocused marketing messaging to learn more about simplifying your pages.

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