Week 9: Month 2: Architect, Build, Grow and Communicate by Oli Gardner #noobmarketing

In month 2 we’re going to make some architectural decisions to focus your organic search efforts, set up reporting for your key business KPI’s, establish a communication path for your new email subscribers and start growing your Twitter network. We’ll also learn how to get your blog readers to share your content for you and get organized with an editorial calendar.


You will gain followers over time by doing the following things:

  • Following other people (some will follow you back)
  • Tweeting awesome things that your followers retweet (others will see that you rule and want to follow you)
  • Tweeting things that people find via search

You can try visiting this link to follow relevant people – http://twitter.com/#!/who_to_follow (note: this might only work when Twitter has built up some knowledge of who you follow, who follows you and what you are saying – so you might need to wait a while before using this).

There are also directories where you can find people by category like twellow.com.
listorious.com has user generated groups of related people (called Twitter lists) that you can follow and be exposed to many people at once.

Use Twitter search to look for interesting conversational topics relevant to you or your business and follow some people that are currently chatting about them. Remember to stop and engage in conversation too – it’s supposed to be social.

NOOB INSIGHT: Don’t believe or listen to people who have “secrets for how to get a massive following on Twitter” it’s all bs.


Not all of your leads (potential customers) are ready to commit when you first meet them. It can often take several interactions before people reach the point where they are comfortable to convert. This could be due to timing, need for extra research, or it could be that cluttered inbox’s or just being busy distracts people from taking the time to read your message.

This means that you want to stay top of mind so that when the time is right, you’ll be the company your leads think of. A great way to do this is to set up what’s called a “drip campaign”. A drip campaign is a series of emails that are designed to guide your prospects closer to your conversion goal. Typically, they are set up to send out emails automatically after someone opts in to receive your content (which is why they are also often called autoresponders).

Examples of how to attract someone to opt in to your drip campaign would be:

  1. A checkbox to receive a series of tips when someone signs up for a free account for your online product/service. By providing some useful content you can keep your new signups in your sphere of communication influence and increase the likelihood of them upgrading to your paid plans or purchasing your products.
  2. On lead gen landing pages for webinars or ebook giveaways, ask people to opt in for further free content on the form confirmation page

Drip campaigns for retention
A secondary and equally important use of drip campaigns is to offer the same instructional and helpful free content to customers who have already converted. This is where you move into retention mode and your aim is to maintain a lasting relationship with your new customers.

The benefit of getting people to opt in to your campaign is that you can specify up front what the content will be about and how often you’ll be sending it (honesty is key to keeping people on board – don’t send people a ton of emails that they’re not expecting).

Tip: Drip interval timing
For retention based campaigns there are a few ways to decide on the frequency of emails. If you want to keep the frequency a little higher at the start, try something like “[x] Get our top 7 daily tips for xxxxxxx” to ensure you can educate your new customers on the best ways to take advantage of your service and help to keep them coming back and logging in as they start their customer journey.

If you want to be able to encourage future purchases of other products you offer, you might want to ask someone to opt in to “[x] Receive advance notices of new products.”

For acquisition based campaigns, you want to stay top of mind, but not pester people, so try offering a weekly email with interesting content that people will want to read (and hopefully share).

Most email service providers have a drip (autoresponder) feature. Typically, they will be able to provide you with a sign-up form that you can place on your pages. Mail Chimp wrote an interesting article on the subject.

via www.seomoz.org


About Dawning Day Events

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