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3 Ways to Maintain Your Growing Email List

How is a permission-based email list like a Philodendron plant? You want both to grow in size and expand their reach. And, like a Philodendron, a growing email list needs some care and maintenance along the way to ensure healthy growth continues. Giving a little TLC to your list also helps reinforce that you’re continuing to send relevant information to each of your subscribers.5 Tips for Building a High-quality List That Leads to Sales

Chances are, you are already using most of the basic list building techniques, but how about a few “out of the box” tactics from Dianna Huff, marketing communications expert and author of the e-book, 25 Ways to Grow Your E-Newsletter Subscriber List. In this issue, Dianna shares five techniques to help you build a high-quality list.

8 List Growth Ideas from the Field

Looking for some ways to grow your list? To give you some ideas, I spoke with a few of Constant Contact’s Regional Development Directors. These email marketing experts provide training to small businesses and organizations across the country every day. They have some great ideas to share, as well as some real life examples for you to learn from.

A Little Something ExtraWe’d all like to think that all it takes to get someone interested in learning more about a nonprofit or another organization is a charitable nature. But sometimes it takes more than that to entice someone to join your mailing list or become a supporter.An Email List That Sparkles

Your email list is one of the most important assets you have, and a high-quality list is worth its weight in gold. What exactly is a quality list? It’s made up of valid email addresses to which you have clear permission to send specific content.

Build Your Email List on Social Media SitesSocial media sites offer exciting new ways to showcase your newsletter content and invite people to sign up for your email list. But it’s not about adding your voice to the din just for the sake of increasing exposure. It is about making new connections.Building Your Email List

Got a pocket full of business cards from that last networking event? Don’t forget to ask permission before adding those names to your email marketing list.

Learning from Email Metrics

One of the chief benefits of using an email service provider like Constant Contact is the ability to get insight into what people are doing when they receive your communications. You can see if they’re opening, forwarding, clicking, sharing — in other words, if they’re engaging with your messages and content.

But to reap any rewards from your metrics, you need to know what they mean, what trends to look for, and how you can leverage the information provided to improve your communications and better target your subscribers.

List Building for SuccessYou might put together the best looking and most compelling email campaigns ever, but without a permission-based list of people to receive them, your messages will go unseen. Fortunately, there are a number of simple ways to build and maintain your contact list so you can reach the people your business or organization covets the most: Your loyal customers and members.List Building: The Basics and Beyond

Want to get more results from your email marketing efforts? Grow your email list!

Opt in email list-building hints from Constant Contact

Build your opt in email list with these email marketing hints & tips from Constant Contact.

Permission: How to “Do The Right Thing”

Permission is a subject of heated debate among email marketers and email recipients alike. Learn how to do the right thing when building your lists.

Success Story – Berkshire Organics

For Berkshire Organics in Dalton, Mass., segmenting its email marketing list is essential to giving customers exactly what they want — in terms of both content and deliciously fresh fruits and vegetables. Aleisha Gibbons and her husband, Brian, started the business in 2008 to offer locally grown and organic produce to residents of Berkshire County in the far western corner of Massachusetts. They operate a 1,500 sq.-foot storefront and offer a weekly basket delivery option for customers who want a unique array of fresh produce brought right to their home.Success Story – Marc Gordon, Fourword Marketing

For Marc Gordon, an author and speaker, and the owner of Fourword Marketing in Toronto, video has become an effective way to market himself and his company in way that he believes cannot be accomplished with words alone.

“The impact of video is far beyond what you can do in a written blog,” Marc explains. “You can present things on so many different levels and illustrate examples in settings that people can visually understand, which can be challenging to do in a written blog.”

Want Referrals? Ask for Them!

“Your best customers are your existing customers.” That’s the powerful message we drive home every day with all the businesses, services, and entrepreneurs Constant Contact works with. It was true 100 years ago, before mass media marketing. It was true 10 years ago during the Internet boom, when the economy was soaring high. And it’s especially true today, when businesses of all sizes are striving to stay alive and thrive in a rocky economy…Here are five steps to leverage your customer base to earn more business referrals.



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