Discernment in The New Age

Many educated and self-proclaimed New Agers, Preachers, Church Goers, Gurus claim to know the how, the when, the why and the Truth. Whatever the path, you will find those trying to convince you that you are not capable of living your best life without them and asking you to pay exorbitant amounts of money for their advice.

I invite you to consider the possibility that all the answers are inside each one of us, we are the holy temple/reflection/embodiment of God, Spirit, the Universe and/or whatever term best fits your comfort zone and that true spirituality does not require large sums of financial output.

Looking outside of ourselves appears to be an epidemic in Western society. I am born and raised in North America, am fairly well-travelled, and have battled religious and spiritual hypocrisy throughout this lifetime. I have encountered everything from the New Ager using spiritual lingo to justify any act in their life regardless of its effect on others, to the Christian spouting some out of context phrase they heard in church rather than read in the Bible themselves (from which to have a full understanding of), to your everyday con artist posturing as a Psychic or a Guru.

I am not saying that there are not authentic New Agers, Preachers, Church Goers, Psychics or Gurus and that all are after your money. I am merely suggesting that one might be wise to use the Spiritual Gift of Discernment and introspect before making any emotionally or financially expensive decisions. Or as my grandfather would say, “Open your eyes before you open your pocket-book.”

When we are born we are innocent and open, not seeking advice or approval from others, but expressing our needs, wants and feelings in their true form. It is only as we grow that we are often tarnished by those surrounding us whose dreams have already been shattered by the advice of those around them.

That is not to say that life and people are bad. In my opinion (and using the term “nothing” loosely) nothing is good nor bad lest we judge it so. I am intimating that hypocrisy, defeatism, and manipulation are aspects of life to be observed, noted and recognized, but certainly not agreed upon nor embraced.

Living a conscious life means creating the quiet space to look within for the soul’s answers as to what’s best in your particular life. It IS personal. What is best for you is often unique regardless of what others think. Each one of us has specific loving and higher purposes to fulfill in this lifetime. Because we are so individual, it is often difficult for others to see our point of view and keep their own perspective separate from what is best for us. Trust your true self first.


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