Acting on Spiritual Guidance

This morning I woke up early.  Grabbing my writing pad I headed out for breakfast at one of my usual haunts.  On my way there I noticed the gas gauge was on empty.  I got a really clear message to fill up the with gas prior to going to the eating place, it sounded something like this:

Knowing:  “Now would be a good time to fill up the gas tank.”         

Me:  “I know you’re right because you always are, but I’m hungry and its so early there probably won’t be any customers at the counter right now.  I’m looking forward to relaxing this morning not filling up the gas tank on an empty stomach.”

Knowing:  “Now would be a good time to fill up the gas tank.”

Me:  I’m sure there’s a reason now is better since you can see the big picture and every time I don’t listen to you I regret it.  Will it be particularly self sabotaging if I choose to have breakfast first?”

Knowing:  “The choice is always yours, there will not be any major consequences at this time.”

By the time I had finished negotiating and arrived, the restaurant was practically empty except for one customer in front of me with a large and complicated ordered.  By force of habit I took inventory of the breakfast souffles available…there was only one left of my favorite type and the man in front of me had just requested it.  It takes 25 minutes for the next batch to come out of the oven.

As the customer in front of me rambled on with his order, another clerk came up to the counter and offered to serve me.  I asked for the souffle I wanted and she grabbed the last one for me.  Hearing  the man next to me had ordered it first, I graciously asked if he had wanted the last one.  He said “yes” curtly and went on with his to-go order.

Instead of waiting 25 minutes, I chose a different type of souffle and made the best of it.  Afterwards I went to fill up the car with gas and remembered that I had a check to deposit at the bank right next to the restaurant I had just been at. 

As Knowing said, there were no major consequences to my choice not to act on the gift of guidance given to me.  In retrospect, had I not only listened but acted on the initial spiritual guidance I would have:

  • Filled up my tank without waiting in a line
  • Arrived at the restaurant after the complicated order and just about the time the fresh new batch of souffles came out of the oven
  • Not had to waste time and gas by returning back to the bank

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